The world has a lot of weeds, but a lot of flowers too. Let's water the flowers.

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Mommy Flowers

Ah, my biggest pet peeve – the so-called “mommy wars” (know lots of mommies myself, never been at war with a single one). Kudos to these women for their end the mommy wars campaign!!


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Respecting our Elders

I didn’t even know this group existed until a few months ago. Founded in 2007 by the late Nelson Mandela, The Elders are a group of internationally-accomplished leaders known for being peacemakers and social pioneers. To paraphrase Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s words, these Elders have come together to help lead our global village towards greater peace and equity for all. What a gift to our world to have these Elders looking out for us.

Take a few minutes to be inspired by Archbishop Tutu’s words from the group’s founding event.

Have a great weekend!

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Watering the Flowers

Let’s face it – there is a lot of crap in the world. Poverty, violence, natural disaster, fears, flus, rude drivers. But there is a lot of good too … isn’t there? It’s easy to lose sight of it – thanks to 24-hour news channels, and other media outlets trying to compete, and politicians trying to stay in the public eye, and sound bites, and social media, fear and negativity can spread, well, like weeds.

But what if it’s true that what we focus on is what we get? Not necessarily in a new-agey, law of attraction kind of way (although whatever philosophy works for you!), but in the way that when we see the good in someone, somehow they are a bit nicer to us, or when we focus on a child’s strengths, they tend to grow. What if all our attention to the weeds of life is actually watering those weeds and choking off the flowers? What if we watered the flowers instead?

So this blog is about watering the flowers – whether big ones, like Bill Gates Annual Letter or smaller ones like these ideas for small acts of kindness or ones that I experience or ones that I hope you will share.

This is my little attempt to grow a flower.